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Flames of War (Infantry Aces)
Free For All Mission

September 2011

America 615pts (Justin)

vs Germany 615pts (Chris)


  'Aces High'



About this battle

We both agreed a good old fashioned all infantry shootout would be a great end to a busy week at work, so we opted for a low point Infantry Aces game. After much scratching of heads, we worked out that Infantry Aces only really works if one is able to stitch together several games in the same evening. Now, this is entirely possible for any normal gamer, and indeed the guidelines for Infantry Aces indicate a game should be possible within an hour. This made us chuckle, because, as regular readers might be aware, Model Dads generally tend to proceed at a pace that make leisurely seem fast. We undertook the requisite form filling, and after a brief look at at each others army list, poured some beers and got stuck in.

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The Battlefield

Battlefront's notes in Cassino gives some excellent tips on the merits of terrain placement and these were studiously applied in an attempt render a playable and realistic battlefield based in Normandy, June 1944.

A peaceful haven of tranquility, songbirds dancing in the early summer sky, the fields with food aplenty, a rolling landscape of a gentle this heaven on earth?

Oh dear...perhaps not. because, all is not it seems. This once delightful building seems in need of repair...from a recent disturbance perhaps?

The other side seems to have fared no better. Where are the children? Where are the animals? Has the life been drained from this corner of Normandy? What has upset the natural order?

But the river seems full of life. And those trees are standing proud.

Directly across the river an orchard. Fronted by a dense hedge. Is this what they call 'bocage'?

Towards the road, yet another ruined building. Or is this sort of look in fashion these days?

Or perhaps a tenant from hell...

The roads retain their picturesque quality. But for how long?

An abandoned half track. The engine might yet work. If so, that could easily be an objective for a weary marching trooper.

And here's another one. To lose one half track may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.

This chap seems to be pointing at some signs.

Perhaps he considers them to be important enough to be some sort of objective...

The first sign of real soldiers. A German HQ. We can only wonder what they can see through that hedge?

This must be what caught their attention. Americans!

Shouldn't these yanks be in the Pas de Calais with the invasion force?

Maybe they got lost?

And why do they all keep making that clicking sound?

News of the unwelcome visitors spreads through the ranks as Jerry prepares to occupy strong positions.

Battle commences with both sides just having a few units assembled and mustered!

Germans soldiers with heavy machine guns rush across the bridge and into the cover of the ruins.

Americans respond by lining the hedge with bristling armaments. 'Lock and Load!'...'let's do it!'...'Hell yeah!'...etc

Reality soon kicks in when a burst from an MG42 drops four Americans before they have fired a shot.

More bad news for the allies. German Reinforcements! Apparently they were just up the road listening to the action over the radio thinking the attack was a practical joke by the other platoon.

Ouch! Fire from a well placed american BAR in a wooden building across the river drops four of them in a flash!

It's no joke for them now.

This officer calmly demonstrates to his NCO his knowledge of dendrology, with the enemy just metres away.

Meanwhile, a clutch of Americans charge into the field, seeking to exploit the thinly strung out German lines!

Devastating American fire decimates the Germans. Just a year or so ago some of these men were selling cars. Just look at them now.

German mortars rush onto the field and hurriedly set up.

The reinforcements march to the sound of the guns and prepare to get stuck in.

A spotter runs for a vantage point. Either that or perhaps he takes a close interest in 'Shabby Chic' style of interior design

This squad is discussing crossing the river.

American reinforcements! They storm onto the other flank and waste no time in advancing.

The other lot consolidate as fresh Germans approach their positions.

Attack! Do not waver in the face of enemy fire!

Show them what you are made of!

Is that coffee still hot?

'This way!'

'No, this way!'

Americans prepare for a fresh assault

And without delay here it comes!

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Stab! Bang!

Americans are worse off by a few men! But quite frankly it's not nice for anyone in that orchard.

The Americans retreat but in good order

The Germans consolidate and brace for any counter attack.

Accurate American mortar fire clears the way by eliminating the MG in the building

The American reinforcement prepares to storm the objective over the river.

'This is no time for target practice!'

'Front and centre!'

Back to the initial action, and the Germans launch themselves heroically and perhaps recklessly into the enemy centre once again!

Once again the Americans take a battering as the sheer weight of numbers proves decisive! The Americans are running! Could this crucial encounter be the battle that turns the tide of D-Day itself?

Germans charge into the gap. Only a few Americans remain between them and the objective.

No time to bury the dead! Onwards!

But as they reach a corner in the road, one of the last American surviving platoon members stops them dead with concentrated carbine fire!

These grenadiers aren't going anywhere!

Meanwhile, the American reinforcements charge over the river!

Only a German mortar stands between them and victory.

Keep up at the back!

Here they come!

Fire fight at the corner continues to hold the Germans advance!

German mortars pin the Americans who are almost within touching distance of the objective! There is hope for the Axis yet!

But the Americans unpin and advance on the objective. The German mortars fail to range in on a final attempt!

The game is a hard fought allied victory. Europe can be saved from tyranny and democracy restored! Excellent game!

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