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Flames of War
Free For All Mission

September 2011

Russia 1500pts (Justin)

vs Germany 1500pts (Chris)


  'Off the Rails'

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With our young Russian student stranded in a field in between two opposing companies, with German Panzergrenadiers to the South and a large Russian Strelkovy to the north on the other side of the village, the future looks perilous for everyone concerned...

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Russian soldiers are taking up positions in the village Herr Hauptman!

And also in the woods behind! Rifle Infantry!

Soviet forces are advancing on our positions!

Aerial reconnaissance reports possible armour behind the tree line.

What are your orders, Herr Hauptmann?

On the eastern flank rush the Panzergrenadiers quickly into the village!

HMGs deploy around the houses, schnell!

On the west flank rush the infantry platoon forwards! Double time!

With respect they will be easy targets Sir!

There will be other priorities for the Russians!

Order an immediate armoured frontal assault in centre!

The Diary of Vladimir Petrenko, a second year student studying Russian Philology at Moscow University, May 1943.

Dear diary: As if things were not terrifying enough, the opposing soldiers seemingly could not move fast enough to oppose each other, with me concealed directly between them in a hay field. At least I was glad enough to have made the right decision to stay here - the houses I had been considering as a place of refuge seem to be the immediate objective of both parties.

Just as I steadied myself to become calm in order to consider my options, everything happened very fast. Russian soldiers ran very near to me and then suddenly three German tanks appeared directly to my front and without delay fired, one shot passing extremely near to me before exploding into the ground nearby! I threw myself onto the ground!

I tried to crawl to the edge of the field on my belly. However in the very direction to which I was heading some terrible firing was to be heard followed quickly by several tremendously huge explosions which lifted me a little way from the very ground itself!

I am unable to convey to you my desperation I felt in these moments, the sudden quietness now pierced by the screams of suffering and dying, whether they were Soviet or German I could not discern.

I looked up to see saw German and Red Army troops closing very quickly together by the houses to the south and there was much firing and screaming from both parties as they battled for control.

I saw several German soldiers fall and even though danger was all around me, this lifted my heart in some small way.

I even allowed myself a cheer when I saw one of our guns decimate some fascists who seemed to be observing us from afar!

Our soldiers ran at them with incredible bravery!

And were once again victorious!

I was suddenly thrown back into the field by yet more massive explosions. this time directly in front of me at the hedge line dominated by the Fascist tanks! With the air sucked from my lungs and earth showering down on me from above, I could feel my end was very near now, all seemed quiet and as metal and debris flew over me, I lay on my back and awaited my fate.

Ignore the wounded comrades! Keep the PPKs firing! They are dying!

Get down! Heavy machine gun!


The tanks have a line of sight on our heavy guns!

Hold firm! The Fascists are assaulting the entire front!

Kill them all!

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